Foxhound Partner’s Co-Founder and Manager Mike Wall has been featured in an article for Government CIO Media & Research discussing the necessity of recruiting private sector industry executives for leadership positions in the federal government to combat human capital shortages.

The article quoted Wall at length, who spoke on the need to reform, modernize and streamline the private sector recruiting and hiring process to prevent a “brain drain” resulting from retiring federal talent. Sluggish institutional hiring challenges are compounded by logistical obstacles such as inferior compensation when compared to the private sector. To overcome these deterrents, Wall encouraged recruiting talented individuals with a demonstrated interest in public service.

“It’s hard to recruit from inside the government, and this is where private sector hiring is crucial,” Wall stated, and to do so, “You have to find someone who genuinely cares about the mission. People want to serve because it offers a different pace.”

In addition, it’s crucial to groom young professionals for a career in public service to cultivate long-term solutions for loss of federal human capital and technical talent. The solution may lie in “help[ing] young professionals find a management track position and emerge as the next generation of federal leadership,” Wall concluded.

As Foxhound Partners Co-Founder, Wall is gratified to lend his experience and knowledge in the private-public recruiting sphere to publications such as Government CIO Media & Research to promote the reformation of federal recruiting processes.

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