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Today’s Talent Acquisition Challenges

The recruitment landscape has changed. Increasingly, companies are struggling to meet their recruitment goals.

In medium to large organizations, in-house human resources professionals can attest to the difficulties of hiring in an environment with low unemployment and a lack of qualified talent in critical areas. It is even more difficult for small companies without a robust in-house recruitment function. Competition is stiff for anyone looking for seasoned professionals in search of fresh opportunities, while an increasingly youthful workforce brings a new set of expectations to the workplace and is constantly shifting the goalposts for recruiters. 

 As the world of talent the biggest strategic competitive advantage for your organization. Whether is as simple as re-engineering your processes, or optimizing the tools your recruiters use to get the job done, Foxhound Partners can help you!

Foxhound’s RPO Value Proposition

Foxhound Partners can help solve your recruiting dilemmas with partial or full Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Recruitment Process Re-Engineering and Optimization.

Our RPO solutions exponentially increase your access to talent and lower your hiring costs by mobilizing and drawing upon Foxhound Partner’s deep and collaborative peer-to-peer recruiting network to locate, screen and select the best candidates for your organization.

Led by experts in their fields, Foxhound offers a full range of RPO options to help your company more efficiently—and affordably—meet its hiring goals. We are experienced, flexible, creative and fully committed to building an RPO solution tailored to your unique needs.

✔ We will do a single search, provide targeted recruiting and sourcing support, or outsource your entire recruitment function.

✔ We strive to understand your company’s goals and culture so that we can find good matches and reduce turnover.

✔ Our team locates high-quality talent across multiple disciplines for long- or short-term engagements.

✔ We work with commercial and government markets in project-based, sub-contracting and staff augmentation capacities.

✔ We are adaptable, reshaping our recruitment efforts to your evolving recruitment needs.

A Trusted RPO Solutions Provider

Foxhound has been a trusted partner for companies seeking efficiency in their hiring processes, delivering high-quality recruiting and sourcing solutions tailored to their needs. Our reputation is built on our high retention rates, efficient hiring at a reasonable cost, and the capacity to help you build your business through RPO practices adapted to your organization’s own culture and goals.

Foxhound is results-driven. We can deliver the highest-quality recruiting and sourcing solutions you need in an RPO format that best reflects and builds your organization.

Explore Our RPO Solutions Today!

Partnering with an organization that is experienced, connected and flexible is the first step to effectively growing your organization.

Get in touch with us to explore how we can improve your talent acquisition efforts with our innovative RPO solutions.


Foxhound Client Success

An international telecommunications company had a short-term need to hire hundreds of new IT employees to staff a new business division. Foxhound implemented a Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution that blended sourcing, recruiting, administration, and self-service. The solution expedited the recruitment process, resulting in a reduced cost per hire of 70% as compared to an in-house solution.

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A multinational professional services network required recruiting more than 200 financial management and audit readiness employees in three months. Foxhound created a sourcing solution to staff a capable recruiting team, sourced highly qualified resources, supplemented the company’s current recruiting efforts and produced 15 candidates per week for three months. 

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A global consulting company needed to better maximize the use of their Application Tracking System through training and process improvements. Foxhound designed and implemented an ATS process that blended the client’s needs with best practices to automate the necessary steps and reduce manual action. Training classes were provided to the corporate training group, leading to improved outcomes.

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A manufacturing company was paying IT placement fees while recruiting for more than 60 divisions. The job openings were often duplicated, causing candidate and internal confusion. Foxhound implemented an IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution, and Applicant Tracking System, that reduced the cost per hire by more than 50 percent, cut recruitment time in half, and dramatically improved recruiting efforts.

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A financial services company needed to implement a Vendor Management System (VMS) to manage hiring needs. Foxhound evaluated the requirements of their existing system and determined that the existing Applicant Tracking System already contained a VMS. Foxhound implemented the VMS functionality within a week, negating the need for a new ATS system while saving money and time.

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A technology outsourcing company was tasked with reducing hiring fees for 1,000+ new employees per year. Foxhound recommended an on-site staff model for the client. A  global recruiting management system (ATS) using vendor scorecards and stricter hiring methods was implemented, augmented by an Agency hiring model for hard-to-fill positions. The solution saved the firm over 60% in hiring costs in the first year.

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A global sporting goods manufacturer purchased a division and needed to hire IT employees to staff the new division while legacy staff handled regular recruiting needs—all during a short timeline. Foxhound implemented a blended on-site, off-site talent acquisition methodology that complemented the existing recruiting model while delivering lower recruiting costs for the new IT hires—on time and at the desired cost.

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